About Compu-Tek

Our technical expertise changes with the times...

One thing stays the same: We promise 24-hour response to ALL requests! 


Our founder, Mark Johnson, started Compu-Tek in 2004. His early years as an engineer established Compu-Tek as a methodical problem-solving consultant for your home or business.

Compu-Tek…it sounds like a technical name. But  our longtime customers usually refer to us by our first names. It’s a technical business – network configuration and monitoring,   data recovery, firewall implementation, computer repair, video surveillance,

 and more – but you’ll always get trustworthy advice and  100% customer satisfaction with a personal touch.

703 S. Union Ave.

703 S. Union Ave.

Meet the Staff

Mark Johnson, Owner

Mark Johnson, Compu-Tek owner.

Lauren Johnson, Receptionist

Lauren Johnson, receptionist at Compu-Tek

Lesa Johnson, Receptionist

Lesa Johnson, receptionist at Compu-Tek

Robin Kungle, Office Manager

Robin Kungle, office manager at Compu-Tek

Jason Lilley, Senior Tech

Jason Lilley, senior technician at Compu-Tek

Jake Duckworth, Technician

Jake Duckworth, technician at Compu-Tek

Kyle Kreinbach, Technician

Kyle Kreinbach, technician at Compu-Tek